Scavenger Hunt

Candid Moments

The conversation looked heavy and interesting. During lunch talking about something important or serious.

During lunch looking for a friend to tell them something. Jessie looking around to see what is going on.

Guys catching up during lunch all together. Many things going on in this picture and lots of groups talking.

All About Me Collage

This all about me collage give you a brief description about what I like. Some of the things on here is what I like. I like going to Disneyland during Christmas and Halloween. I’ve been to Mexico 3 times and loved going. I like eating Chick-fil-a, Buffalo Wild Wings, Starbucks and Dutch bros. I like watching the Lakers and Dodgers with my family. I love listening to Bad Bunny and Drake. I’ve been to a Drake concert 5 years ago and I plan on going to a Bad Bunny concert. I have a lot more things I could add but they won’t fit. So here’s like a short summary of what I like.

DLSR Notes





I took this picture of my crocs because they looked cute and I liked the color combination. I took it for fun and I was just messing around but I liked how the picture turned out. The pink heart stands out with the peach charm. I thought it would cool and be funny to take a picture of my crocs.