Tree Career questions

Looking at the tree I chose Artist, Art  director and photo assistant. I would be interested in these jobs because they seem fun and have something to do with art. I love being artistic. If I were to work at one of these jobs I would like to work in New york or in Los Angeles. There would be many job opportunities for me at these places and may offer more things for me. Responsibilities of being an art director is to determine what pictures can be used on social media, create artwork and layouts and managing out budgets to stay in check. The salary would be at least around 100k I believe Another job I would love to pursue if to be an entrepreneur. I would love to start my own business on doing nails or creating something that could help or benefit others.

Masters of Photography Reflection

I choose Ansel Adams because his pictures of nature look really beautiful. Each picture have a different meaning and each meaning feels like something you can relate to. There are certain pictures that intrigued me because I have never really paid attention to the details about trees, waterfalls, mountains, rocks and clouds. Some pictures look clam and others look rough meaning based on what’s going on in the picture whether is snowing, raining, calm or windy. Ansel Adams took picture from around the world. I like how all his picture are all black and white. The details of each picture give me a better understanding and a better point of view of how each picture was taken. I really liked the snowy tree because the snow gives off winter vibes and cold weather. It makes me feel like a calm place and peace. I also really like the Nevada fall because there’s a rainbow that is slightly showing across the waterfall. His first picture with the waterfall looks very detailed, I like how the trees from the sides give a feeling of dark vibes. The picture he took in New Mexico is really good, the moon is really small but it gives good background since the sky is dark the moon gives a little pop.


The company I am representing is Apple. This product is a new iPhone 13 pro max. My target audience are those who have iPhone’s. I would expect to see this advertisement on commercials. Props I needed were a phone, stool and a person to show the phone.

I choose this cover because it has nice lighting and a clear picture.

I choose this picture because the background and the light colors matches the perfume.

I choose this picture because the lighting is great and the product is in the center.

Barbara Kruger Style

My work is telling others that its okay to be alone. Sometimes being alone can help you clear your mind. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean your sad or upset but it can mean you are healing and getting a clear view of what is going on in your life whether it is good or bad.